Violation of probation parole

Probation or parole, is a conditional release from a jail or a prison sentencing that allows “freedom with restrictions”. There are many different conditions, ranging from simply reporting to a Probation Officer to no further criminal charges. Whatever the restrictions, any violation may result in actual jail/prison time. It, therefore, is important to review the alleged violations with a qualified Attorney.

Violations come in two categories; (1) Technical, such as, missing appointments, failing drug tests, etc. or, worse yet, (2) new law offense allegations. In either case, in order to maintain your conditional freedom, you will need the experienced counsel from Compass Law to help present to a Judge a reasonable explanation for your actions. Remember, at this point, you now have limited rights.

A Judge may either reinstate your probation/parole, modify your probation/parole, or in some cases take-away your probation/parole guidlines, which may result in actual time to serve. Compass Law is your source for proven defense strategies, whether it be presenting any factors in mitigation to negotiate a resolution or presenting your side of the story through evidence at a Violation of Probation Hearing.


Violation of probation parole


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