December 19, 2018

Three ways not to get caught up in materialistic craziness around the holidays

By: John Knutton, Esquire

With the holidays fast approaching, many parents are asking the same question - what should I buy my child for Christmas?

Generations ago, special holidays and occasions were marked by food and the exchange of gifts. These gifts and food were meant to express and share feelings of gratitude and love. However, in our current culture, gift giving has become a booming industry, and oftentimes the original meaning behind gift giving gets lost in the shuffle. Gift giving can become the focal point of the holidays for children, overshadowing the importance of family time and togetherness. The following are some ideas to help children realize that gifts are not the most important thing during the holiday season:

1) Consider having family traditions that your family participates in each year. Whether it is gathering at one family member’s home, attending a religious service, or volunteering for a worthwhile cause, important family traditions can help children realize the true meaning of the holidays, and help them understand that presents are only secondary to the time spent with family and loved ones.

2) Encourage that children give and receive gifts with special meanings. For example, photo albums, scrapbooks, or artwork can often be much more memorable than a toy or object that will soon be forgotten. A custom-made Christmas ornament or baked good can be more touching than a store-bought item.

3) Teach your children to question the ads and marketing that they are bombarded with each December. The advertisements that children are exposed to can foster unrealistic expectations, which can lead to disappointment and unnecessary conflict. Teach your children that gifts are not the most important aspect of the holidays, and that they need to be appreciative for what they are given, as well as what they have.

The attorneys and staff at Compass Law wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!!

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