Hiring an experienced and assertive attorney to help you navigate legal issues is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The Compass Law team understands that the work we do often has a profound impact on the lives of our clients and their families. Whether we are helping a client navigate through the complex process of divorce, child custody dispute or aggressively defending a client, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our clients and protecting their future.

At Compass Law, formerly known as Pates Law Group, we emphasize the importance of preparing clients for what lies ahead, both during their cases and in their future. We listen carefully to our clients, answer their questions, explain their rights, return calls promptly and keep them informed about the status of their cases. We are sincerely honored to be given the opportunity to serve the families of Central Florida.

When representing a client we do so with an understanding of what is at stake and have a deep sense of commitment to the client we serve. We limit our practice to Family Law allowing us to devote our knowledge, expertise and combined experience of over 40 years, to tirelessly pursuing the best outcome for our valued client.

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" Everyone at the firm has been a huge help and taken quite the weight off my shoulders. I have already referred one of my closest friends to your firm. "
- S.O.
" Personal, professional, passionate about helping families! I would recommend her to others for sure. "
- L.G.
" Andrea handled my case with professionalism and skill. From the beginning she put me at ease without sugar-coating the potential outcomes. "
- C.B.
" Outstanding in responsiveness, caring, and competence. "
- J.L.
" I would not hesitate to send any friend or family member to Joe for representation. If you hire Joe Pate, you will be in good hands. "
- M.O.
" Very happy with your Paralegal, Diane Miller and special thanks to my Attorney, Andrea Rosser-Pate. Glad that I found you! Will refer clients to you! "
- C.E.
" Mr. Pate is dedicated to his clients and has an exceptional knowledge of the law. I highly endorse his services and recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice. "
- A.L.
" Everyone was great. Very patient and understanding. "
- D.M.
" I did feel cared about and our shared faith made a special bond that was very important to me.” I like Attorney Pate she’s both professional and at the same time personal. "
- K.Q.
" Andrea Rosser-Pate is honest, caring conscientious, efficient, professional, informed, knowledgeable, dedicated, organized and accessible. She is highly recommended. I was truly blessed and am grateful to have had her represent me. "
- S.W.
" Andrea is great! I’ve been working with her for over a year now. Despite personal and legal speedbumps thrown in our path, she was able to get my divorce finalized and now we are working together to pursue child support. She’s not only good at the legal aspect of her work; she’s also good for talking you down off the proverbial ledge when things seem to be going wrong! "
- S.L.
" Andrea’s knowledge of local law and keen legal analysis led to a result which was able to satisfy most of my major goals. She hand-crafted a unique strategy which adapted to my changing needs. Most importantly, she responds quickly when contacted by email and adapts her legal strategy to the changes throughout the case, always keeping goals in mind. She is a local phenom, and comes most highly recommended. "
- C.B.
" Attorney Joe Pate, is a very skilled and knowledgeable attorney. He displays aggression in the courtroom in a skilled diplomatic way and gets the client the best results or a successful win. His firm is built on a foundation of courtesy, honesty, integrity, character, wisdom, knowledgeable and intellect. "
- D.L.
" Just read her ‘about me’ and it says it all! Andrea is so knowledgeable and always had a way of keeping me focused on the task at hand. She explained things in a way that I could understand and when I was feeling overwhelmed and mentally tired, Andrea kept me calm! I trusted her to make decisions because she knew exactly what I wanted! Highly recommended and gets the job done! "
- M.W.
" Andrea handled the preparation of my documents in a professional and responsive manner. I was extremely happy with the value she provided. I received the service I was looking for at a substantial savings. "
- T.H.
" Andrea is a wonderful attorney and a great advocate for her clients. "
- Seminole County Attorney
" I endorse this lawyer.. "
- Orange County Attorney
" I have known Joe for several years and I know he has the experience to provide criminal defense representation for our community. In fact, I refer clients to him and his practice often. "
- D.S.
" I've got to say, I like the way you do things. I'm so happy you and your team are on my side. "
- E.T.
" Thank you so much for your dedication to my case. I truly appreciate you making me feel like I was your number one priority even though I know you have many other clients to tend to. Choosing your office was a blessing as I feel it was a perfect fit. "
- M.C.
" Your help through this process has been greatly appreciated and has been as pleasant as one could hope for under the circumstances. "
- W.G.
" Thank you for all your hard work over the last year and commitment to seeing me through this case. Your office not only was easy to work with, but it quickly became a place that felt like "family" when things heated up. The support and encouragement I received from you, Susan, and Diane was irreplaceable. I am so grateful for the strength that you and your team offered me when I had none. I couldn't have made it through without the three of you. "
- H.N.
" For others that you encounter, at least if they want it..... It does GET BETTER!! Thanks for all you are doing. "
- C.S.
" I would highly recommend Andrea Pate and Pates Law Group to anyone looking for a passionate advocate and dedicated counsel with positive results. Beginning with my initial consultation, Andrea was attentive, empathetic, and reassuring. I had a young child when my divorce proceedings began and it was comforting to know that, as a mother of young children herself, Andrea understood and would look out for our best interests. She was always there for moral support and very patient with me during such an emotionally taxing time. Andrea and her team, Diane and Susan, helped me navigate through the legal system, walking me through the divorce process step by step. Andrea was always responsive, personally addressing ALL my questions and concerns. She made sure I understood every aspect of my case. She offered options and, when needed, steered me away from pursuing trivial issues based on emotions or “what ifs”. I appreciated her candor and common sense. To this day, Andrea’s wisdom remains with me. She has a way with words and a special talent of negotiating. I was always in awe watching her. I felt confident with Andrea by my side. Andrea and Diane gave me excellent legal direction and assisted in all of my divorce proceedings. Again, I would highly recommend Andrea Pate and Pates Law Group. I am forever grateful to Andrea and her team. "
" I was referred to Pates Law Group by a childhood friend. I cannot stress how satisfied I was with the progression of my case once I hired them on my side. They are professional, honest, and extremely capable. They will be my “go to” firm if I ever have any more legal issues. 6 star organization!! "
– D.D.

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1214 East Robinson Street, Orlando Florida 32801

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We are conveniently located in beautiful downtown Orlando. Just minutes from I-4 the 408 and the Orange County Courthouse.

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Compass Law
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