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December 11, 2015

Long Term Effects of Divorce on Marital Children as they become Adults

Modern studies show that children of divorced families show long term resilience as they grow into adulthood. However, these studies are at odds with a 25 year old study which found that children of divorced homes have difficulties adjusting, and as young adults these divorced children are described as anxious, depressed, burdened, failing to reach their potential and fearful of commitment and divorce. These disparities in the studies may be, in part, that the 25 year old study was conducted in a clinical setting, where a trained therapist interviewed young adults of divorced families. However, the study failed to offer a control group comparison of adult children of married families. The 25 year old study also failed to use a standardized measurement for anxiety, depression, self-esteem and social relationships, but rather used a standard provided by each therapist who participated in the study. The original study was a study of 60 families that had severe mental and relationship problems. The limited sample families were not “normal”. The parent’s mental and emotional issues vary between chronic depression, suicide attempts, addictions, manic depression and paranoid ideation. It has been stated that the original children were carefully prescreened as being on normal developmental track when in reality 17% of the children were identified as having severe psychological, social and developmental issues.

Pates Law focuses on how the conflict of your divorce effects your family – and specifically your children. It is critical to protect children from the conflict. Watch for upcoming seminars we host for free to empower you if you are on this path. 

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